header-arrow Compact, fool-proof design

header-arrow Interface similar to RJ 45 with UL rated plastic housing and boot

header-arrow Minimal back reflection and insertion losses

header-arrow Precise alignment

header-arrow Behind the wall style short connectors

header-arrow Available in single piece or multi-piece types

header-arrow Lowest insertion loss ST type connector with maximum mating cycles

header-arrow Easy to install and use, total reliability

First developed by Lucent Technologies for telecommunication applications, the LC series fiber optic connector is a small form factor pluggable type that finds use in transceivers. Similar to the SC type connector, the E-Systemizer LC fiber optic connector is easy to plug in or remove, providing a secure, precisely aligned fit conforming to FOCIS 3 EITA/TIA 604-03 standards. It is the most popular of fiber optic connectors in our range.


E-Systemizer LC connectors have proven reliability in demanding environments and are best suited for:

header-arrow Gigabit Ethernet, video and active device terminations

header-arrow Multimedia, telecommunication networks and on-premises installations


header-arrow Duplex or FC simplex operation

header-arrow UL rated body in 0.9, 2.0 and 3 mm, with color options

header-arrow Precision manufactured to close dimensional tolerances

header-arrow Zirconia ferrule PC/8-degree APC diameter with 125 to 128 micrometer concentricity

header-arrow Zirconia ferrule PC or 8 degree APC diameter 125~128 um high concentricity.

header-arrow Single mode

header-arrow Multiple pieces type or integral one-piece type option

header-arrow Lowest insertion losses and highest transmittivity

Often known as the subscriber connector or square connector or standard connector, the E-Systemizer SC connector accepts ferrule diameter of 2.5mm in a snap type push-pull coupling with full duplex facilities. This allows for fast insertion/removal with positive, precise alignments. The SC connector conforms to FOCIS 3 EIA/TIA-604-3 intermateability standards for total reliability and assured performance in demanding environments.


E-Systemizer SC connectors are the universal choice for:

header-arrow CATV
header-arrow LAN & WAN
header-arrow Telecommunications
header-arrow Networking
header-arrow Broadband
header-arrow FTTP


header-arrow UL rated plastic housing in 0.9, 2.0 and 3 mm with a range of color options

header-arrow ANSI, TIA/EIA, NTT, JIS AND IEC standards conformity

header-arrow Duplex or FC simplex modes

header-arrow Precision manufactured to close tolerances for tight fit

header-arrow Zirconia ferrule PC or 8-degree APC, 125-128 micrometer high concentricity

header-arrow Single mode operation

header-arrow Single piece or multi piece configuration

header-arrow Low insertion loss, high transmission

Once quite widely used, the E-Systemizer FC series is still in demand. With a 2.5mm ferrule and a screw type arrangement, this fiber optic connector ensures solid connections and a precision key slot for perfect alignment.


E-Systemizer FC fiber optic connector is still one of the best options for a variety of purposes such as:

  • CATV
  • LAN and WAN
  • Telecommunications
  • Broadband
  • Network
  • FTTP


header-arrow Lowest insertion and lowest back reflection

header-arrow Extremely precise alignment

header-arrow Solid, precise construction with boots in various colors for easy identification

header-arrow Bayonet style housing for quick coupling and decoupling

header-arrow Predomed ferrule end surfaces

header-arrow Nickel plated brass body

header-arrow Free floating ceramic ferrule


E-Systemizer ST series fiber optic connector offers unprecedented ease of use, exceptional performance in indoor and outdoor applications and compact form factor. It is one of the most widely used connectors in multimode networks in single and multimode. E-Systemizer ST connectors are made using hot melt technologies with durable adhesion characteristics, precision machined and polished for precise centering. The ST connectors conform to TIA 5688.3 norms and are compact in size with versatility for wide-ranging applications. It goes best with a fiber termination kit for matchless performance.


E-Systemizer ST connectors are the fiber optic connectors of choice for a variety of applications:

header-arrow LAN & WAN

header-arrow Data processing networks with assured reliability

header-arrow Nstrumentation, in-premise installation, networks


header-arrow Low Insertion loss and back Reflection Loss.

header-arrow High Precision Alignment.

header-arrow Boots in a Variety of colors.

header-arrow Bayonet style Housing for easy Termination.

header-arrow Ferrule end Surface Predomed.

header-arrow Nickel plated Brass body.

header-arrow Free-floating Ceramic Ferrule.


The ST Connector is a high performance and ease of use, in both indoor and outdoor LANs worldwide, have made it an industry favorite. The ST Connector, in both singlemode and multimode, has all the advantages of our pre-loaded Hot Melt technology — and at half the size of our SC connector. With its high-performance adhesive and precision-centered ferrule polishing, it meets TIA 568B.3 requirements for a broad range of applications. To complete termination of ST connector, a Fiber Termination Kit is required


header-arrow Nsrtumentation, Premise installations, Local Area Networks

header-arrow Data processing Networks

header-arrow LAN & WAN


header-arrow JIS, NTT, TIA/EIA, IEC and ANSI standards compatibility

header-arrow Single piece or multi-piece configuration

header-arrow Similar to ST type connector with low insertion loss, high transmission and low reflections

header-arrow UL plastic housing in 0.9, 2.0 and 3 mm with a range of color options

header-arrow Manufactured to precise dimensional tolerances to ensure perfect fit

header-arrow Zirconia ferrule PC or 8-degree APC diameter 125-128 micrometer high concentricity

E-Systemizer E2000 series fiber optic connector uses the industry standard 2.5mm ferrule in a snap type push-pull configuration with light and dust cap.  Once widely used, the E2000 series is still in use today in variety of networks. Its distinguishing characteristic is the floating ferrule that provides mechanical isolation while assuring perfect connections.


header-arrow CATV

header-arrow Telecommunications

header-arrow Networks

header-arrow Broadband

header-arrow FTTP

header-arrow LAN & WAN


header-arrow TIA/EIA 568-A conformity

header-arrow Precision molded MT duplex ferrule

header-arrow RJ-45 plug jack design

header-arrow No diamond film required for polishing

header-arrow Precision guide pins for perfect alignment

header-arrow Single piece or multi-piece configurations

header-arrow Low insertion loss, low reflection, high transmittivity in general ST type fiber optic connector


E-Systemizer MT-RJ (mechanical transfer registered jack) fiber optic connectors have a small and compact form factor making them ideal for use with small devices. The MT connector can take 12 optic fiber cables and the jack houses two fibers mated to locating pins on the plug.


E-Systemizer MT-RJ fiber optic connectors are perfect for use on small form factor devices used in:

header-arrow CATV and multimedia applications

header-arrow Medical applications

header-arrow Industrial devices

header-arrow Gigabit ethernet connectors

header-arrow Asynchronous transmission mode (ATM) with active device interface

header-arrow Interconnection for E/O modules, inpremise installation

header-arrow Telecom networks

header-arrow Data processing networks

header-arrow Optical switch inter-frame connection