E-Systemizer offers a wide range of fiber optic connector cleaners to ensure there is not even microscopic dust or other contaminants that can affect performance of optical networks. We have a range of cleansing wipes, cleansing solutions, ferrule cleaners, cleaning sticks, cleaning kits and equipments to clean fibers prior to fitting and installation to ensure zero dust and for assured performance.


header-arrow Ferrule cleaner: This is mainly used to clean connectors, ferrules and tips of fiber optic connectors to remove any dust or dirt.

header-arrow Fiber optic cleaning cloths and wipes can be used to clean connector ends, fiber ends and equipment ports prior to installation or as part of regular maintenance jobs.


E-Systemizer fiber optic connector cleaners for fiber optic are indispensable for virtually all fields where fiber optic cables and optical accessories are used such as:

header-arrow Telecom

header-arrow CATV

header-arrow LAN & WAN networks

header-arrow Broadband