Fiber Optic Attenuator is a component installed in a fiber optic transmission system that reduces the power in the optical signal.
It is often used to limit the optical power received by the photo detector to within the limits of the optical receiver.


header-arrow Low back reflection and Low PDL

header-arrow High precision attenuation value

header-arrow Precision control of attenuation range

header-arrow Wide attenuation range

header-arrow Precision ceramic ferrule

header-arrow FC, SC, ST, LC … optional

header-arrow Plastic or metal housing material


header-arrow Fiber optical telecommunication system

header-arrow Fiber optical CATV

header-arrow Fiber optical sensor

header-arrow Testing equipment

Item Unit Parameter
Operating Wavelength mm SM:1310/1550nm MM: 850 /1300nm
Attenuation Range dB 1-10 dB(1dB step), 15, 20, 25, 30 dB
Return Loss dB PC:/50 UPC:/55 APC:/60
Attenuation Tolerance dB £+/-0.5(1-10dB) or £+/-1.0(11-30dB)
Operating Temperature °C -25°C ~ +75°C
Storage Temperature °C -40°C~ + 85°C