Guarantee Quality, Served through Technology

Based on the slogan, “Guarantee Quality, Served through Technology,” we will improve the customer’s level of satisfaction, and build and implement a quality management system centered on ISO9001:2000.
Manifesting the idea that “quality created is during the process,” E-systemizer, has developed a proprietary automatic measurement instrument and created an auto-inspection line. From the perspective of putting the customer first, IT systems that instantly spread quality data from the customer across the company are utilized to immediately respond to the customer’s requirements, as well as to implement improvements laterally in house.

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ISO9001 /  ISO14001 / RHO Cerification

Auto-Inspection Line IT Systems

PPM Activities

The core causes of quality problems are investigated through a PPM (process & product monitoring) regimen focusing on the three key aspects of “product, process, and present circumstances,” and measures are taken to prevent recurrences. In the development and design stages, we develop functionality that leverages our strengths as a manufacturer with consistent processes starting from raw materials.

QC Circles

Our voluntary yet diligent, light and informal QC circles are constantly implementing measures for improvement.