Overview  | Fiber Optic Cable Testing Equipment

E-Systemizer range of field network testing meters such as Fiber Optic Cable Testing Equipment, Optical Fiber Testing Tools are an indispensable accessory for the field engineer engaged in installation and troubleshooting of fiber optic networks. These field network testing meters are ruggedized and use high grade components for reliability, precision, accuracy and performance over years. It has large highly visible LCD with backlighting for easy viewing in bright sunlight, ergonomic design, easy hand-holdability, battery saving features and precision, with FC/SC/ST terminations.


header-arrow High sensitivity, large dynamic range, autoranging features for minimal, hands-free operation

header-arrow FC/SC/ST connectors as standard, LC/MU as optional

header-arrow No warm up time, Precision maintained, temperature compensated

header-arrow Low voltage display function

header-arrow Low battery display

header-arrow Battery conservation features

header-arrow Self-calibrating

header-arrow Directly displays relative ratio test

header-arrow Facility for simultaneous relative reference value and relative value display

Application | Optical Fiber Testing Tools

E-Systemizer Fiber Optic Cable Testing Equipment are designed for engineers to help them carry out installation, troubleshoot and maintain optical fiber networks and devices with ease.

header-arrow Telecom maintenance

header-arrow CATV maintenance

header-arrow Test labs

header-arrow Test optical fiber sensors and cables as well as networks