E-Systemizer offers quality Fiber Optic Splitters, an indispensable part in the fiber optic network. This is a passive device and its purpose is to split light into several parts or directions in a certain proportion. We offer splitters in popular configurations such as 900 microns’ loose tube and 250 microns’ bare fiber. The splitter includes 2×2 and 1×2 couplers with a protective metallic sleeve for the split. Where the number of splits is large a protective enclosure is recommended to house the split components.


header-arrow Low losses

header-arrow Low polarization dependence

header-arrow Stable under varying conditions


E-Systemizer splitters for optical fiber networks are used virtually everywhere:

header-arrow Telecommunications

header-arrow Optical communication systems

header-arrow CATV

header-arrow LAN & WAN

header-arrow Test instruments

header-arrow Laboratories